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Sensing Time

virtual models

In the era of smartphones, digital technology has replaced many analog products, resulting in a flattening of our physical senses on screens. This loss of sensory experience raises the question of whether we are losing the variety of sensations we used to experience with analog objects. For instance, can we feel the weight of a camera, the smell of books, or the sound of fluttering newspapers through our phones? 

Sensing Time is a conceptual piece of furniture that provides a tangible experience that brings back a sense of analog in the digital era. Constructed mainly from copper plates and pipes, this table features an integrated alarm clock movement. To set the alarm time, users simply adjust a spring on the table. At the designated time, the bell strikes the copper plates, causing the entire table to vibrate and emit a loud, resonant sound. As a result, this innovative piece of furniture allows users to experience the alarm not just audibly, but also physically, with vibrations that can be felt throughout their entire body.

01 Table

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02 Chair

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