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The way two people sit

1400mm x 800mm x 1330mm
maple wood, super-mirrored stainless steel

'The way two people sit' is a conceptual furniture piece designed for an exhibition. The furniture aims to encourage two strangers to interact with each other in a pleasant way. The chair serves as a medium to generate a brief, but special and fun moment of coincidence.

In today's self-centered society, people are increasingly focused on themselves and cautious of anything different from themselves or others. We may be unwilling to ask strangers for favors or interact with them, and incidental contact can often make us uncomfortable. However, despite this, people crave social interaction and communication with others, particularly in the virtual world. This design attempts to address this contradiction.

Two strangers sit on the chair, facing opposite directions and looking unconsciously at the mirror next to them. However, each person can only see the other's face in the mirror, not their own. At first, they may be confused by this unexpected situation, but they eventually smile at each other. From a third-person perspective, it appears as though the sitting strangers are looking at each other, even though they are facing different directions. This serves as a metaphor for the aforementioned contradiction.

This is a collaborative work by Seryun Kim and Hyehyun Song.

Screenshot 2022-12-01 181130-01.png

01 Two people sit in each chair facing different direction

Screenshot 2022-12-01 181130-02.png

02 They find each other's face, not themselves, in the mirrors

Screenshot 2022-12-01 181130-03.png

03 They appear to look at each other from the far,
even though they face different directions

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