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Little rebels

balloons, helium, paper

Design for Protest: As a person who grew up in a city of endless protest, Seoul, I felt that protest does not drag people's attention anymore. It becomes an annoying and noisy event that pedestrians want to avoid if possible. What will be a different way to convey a message and aware people of an issueThere is a hidden message card inside the balloons. People will bring balloons to their homes and pop them someday. Then they will find out the message. If people see an unexpected message, will it live in their memory longer?
When we were young, we were afraid of not listening to our parents. We had many house rules for sleeping time, eating, etc. They were all good things, but sometimes we get stressed and pressured. Once, because my dad told me never to leave food in my childhood, I tried to eat them all and eventually threw up. Sometimes, kids should not be hard on themselves and enjoy their childhood. Thus, I gave a chance for slight deviation to children. I put messages slightly against house rules and gave balloons to children on the road. Someday they may find the message behind their parents.

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