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Roof Roof

virtual models (Autocad & 3ds max & v-ray)

Roof Roof offers a practical and stylish solution for pet owners who want to provide their furry friends with a comfortable and safe space while also considering their health and well-being. The Korean pet industry has seen significant growth in recent years, offering a diverse range of trendy and luxurious pet products. However, many of these products are more focused on humans than pets. Expensive and fancy products are designed to make owners feel like they are good caregivers, often neglecting the actual needs of their pets.

Pet ownership for emotional support is increasing, but the cost remains a major obstacle for single-person households. Dogs in these households spend an average of seven hours alone, leading to potential anxiety and fear. Small-sized dogs are popular but at risk of developing luxating patella, aggravated by jumping.

The Roof Roof dog house addresses these issues with a transformable roof that doubles as adjustable dog steps, lowering product cost with its simple structure. The fabric and wooden dowels used for the roof can be used to construct the step, which can be adjusted as needed. Users can change the dog house's mood with different fabrics or extend the house by connecting modules.


Roof Roof is a unique dog house that includes a transformable roof designed to help dogs feel relaxed when left alone in a spacious area. This roof can be converted into adjustable dog steps, providing users with a flexible solution for their pet’s needs.

floor01 copy 2.png

It is a ready-to-assemble furniture piece with a simple structure that lowers the product cost and enables users to easily assemble and disassemble the house.

detail01 copy 4-01-01-01.png

To prevent luxating patella in small dogs, it is essential to provide a dog step. The ‘roof’ of the dog house is made of fabric and wooden dowels, which users can use to construct a dog step. The height of the step can be easily adjusted as needed.

연장04 copy.png

Users have the option to change the mood of the dog house by using different fabrics, or they can extend the house by connecting modules.

행거01 copy.jpg
조명01 copy3.jpg

The simple modular structure of the dog house can be combined with other home furniture to make the most of the limited space in single households.

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