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1400mm x 460mm x 300mm
brass, clear resin, gold leaf, mdf, super-mirrored stainless steel, tile

Thermae is a decorative tea table that draws inspiration from a bygone culture, the public bath culture in Korea.
In Korea, it used to be popular for families to visit public baths every weekend, but this tradition has slowly faded away over time. In the past, public baths were places where people could experience a sense of community, sit together, help each other, and alleviate stress with their neighbors. In these communal bathhouses, all adults would look out for each other's children while they were busy washing themselves, even if they had never met before. Children would treat all adults with respect and friendliness, as if they were family or relatives. It was common for grownups to lend each other soap or other bath products, and they would often chat and offer each other life advice as if they were old friends. Although they didn't know when or where they would meet again, in the public bath everyone felt like one big family, sharing, helping, and relying on each other. Nowadays, public baths are becoming harder to find in modern society, but in my memory, they were a warm and welcoming place.

The table features a water-like texture created by a thin layer of clear resin covering its top surface. In addition, a super-mirrored stainless steel sheet is bent and placed at the bottom of the table, producing a stunning and distorted reflection. The table is composed of an eclectic mix of materials, including gold leaf, acrylic sheet, and tiles.

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